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Meet our team

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Meet our team

Our team consists of Mike (Creative Director), John (Graphic Designer) and Tim (Manager & Writer/Editor).


Between the three of us we cover a wide range of skillsets, interests and backgrounds. We share a commitment to creating design that gets noticed and produces results.


Mike Moore


Mike is genuinely excited about typography and, much to the annoyance of his lovely wife, takes ages at the supermarket because he’s busy critiquing packaging. 


He’s the proud father of two little ones, one of whom is just old enough to go adventuring in his dad’s kayak.


Tim Chamberlain


Still naively believes that good writing can fire the imagination and uncover hidden layers of our existence.


Heads out at weekends to run bush tracks far from the madding crowd. Enjoys photographing high-flying birds and listening to a wide variety of music.


John Yap


Designer by day, wannabe rockstar by night! John plays a mean guitar, lives for music and is always on the lookout for a great concert.


In the studio he develops brand identities and UX/UI projects, with a mission to inspire and empower people through fresh thinking.

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