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Fuelling a winning culture.

Invenco is a global provider of self-service payments for retail fuel markets, and one of New Zealand’s leading tech companies. They are headquartered in Auckland, with offices in USA, UK and Malaysia. 

With a vision to ‘revolutionise the customer payment experience’, Invenco has focused on developing innovations for Outdoor Payment Terminals (OPTs) and building a network of partners to deliver unique experiences for international markets.

As Invenco sought to refresh their product range and business model, their need to attract key talent became a top priority. This also meant a back-to-basics approach to refine Invenco’s values and culture as a company.


Invenco Group


Brand development

Marketing collateral

Motion graphics

UX/UI design


As Invenco prepared to refresh their range of hardware, the need to refine the user journey and interface across their entire lineup became apparent. Streamline Creative was engaged to refine the UX/UI of Invenco’s payment terminal, and to develop a fictional brand identity for demonstration purposes.


‘Fuel+’ was developed as a fictional fuel retailer to showcase the operation of Invenco’s payment terminal. With a renewed focus on the shopping experience, the demo was also developed to show how retailers can integrate loyalty rewards during the customer’s purchase experience.


The purchasing options were refreshed and presented in easily navigated categories before the customer pays for their fuel. The user interface was also revamped with larger navigation buttons and animated illustrations for improved ease of use.

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